Easter Egg Hunt 2018!

Register your palace!: before March 23th and be part of the fun!


Welcome to Elite Palace's 3rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt 2018. This event will be hosted at different ElitePalaces community palaces, and open to all users. The signups will be closed on March 23th, 2018. The hunt will start at chatpalace on March 29th at 10:00am EST and will finish on April 1st 6pm EST.

Important note: All visitors needs to start hunting eggs at Chat Palace and follow the links to the next palaces they will acumulate points, the 3 users with more points will win this year event!.

So come on and be part of the fun entering your Palace to the event, or just come out to enjoy a festive atmosphere visiting the Easter Egg Hunt 2018!

The Winners will be announced at the Easter Egg Hunt 2018 Party at chat palace on April 1st at 9:00pm EST.


To register your palace at the ElitePalaces Egg Hunt 2018, please add the Easter Egg Hunt 2018 sign at your landing zones and gates, have 3 rooms ready with Easter theme so ElitePalaces staff can place the needed to hide the eggs. And then send an email to including this information before March 23th:

  • Palace Name
  • Palace Address
  • Owner Nick

We will check if the sign is added to add your palace to the list, then, our staff will visit your palace to hide the Easter Eggs and get your palace ready for the event!


The winning users will be able to select 1 prize from this list:

  • 1 new palace on basic plan for 3 months
  • 1 new radio shoutcast on basic plan for 3 months
  • 1 permanent room at Chat Palace

Hunt List!

This is the list of palaces that will participate in our easter eggs hunt.

Hunt List! This is the list of the palaces tht will be part of the Easter Egg Hunt Event, when the event start visit each one to be the one with more points to win!!
Name Users Online
1 Colors of Life 0
2 Ravens Paradise 3
3 §ynƒully §in 5
4 Anime Abyss 3
5 Last Ride 5
6 Chat Landia 1
7 Outrigger Island 1
8 Dreamers Illusions 0
9 Coast 0
10 Paraiso Tropical 3
11 Çalifornia Ğreams 0
12 slave Myst 3
13 Builder's Enclave 0